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By partnering with BlackArc, your part is easy. You invest and then we carry the rest of the load.

we find an ideal property

With market research and evaluations, we find the right fit

we get the financing

Complete the due diligence, financing and purchase

we upgrade the property

We get the property set up for maximum profitability

we manage the property

We manage the property and the people

you get the paycheck

You collect your passive income and tax benefits

Proven success

123 N. Broadway

  • Interior and exterior renovation
  • Secured a national tenant
  • Cash out refinance at 10 months
  • ROI 15%
  • IRR 70%
  • Cash-on-Cash ∞ 

2120 & 2124 Rehberg Lane

  • Purchased off market property 
  • Invested no capital
  • Increased asset performance
  • ROI 8%
  • IRR 21%
  • Cash on Cash 14%
71 25th Street Billings, MT 59102

71 25th Street

  • Purchased spring of 2021
  • Filled vacancies & reduce operating expenses. 
  • 2 year projections
    • ROI 10%
    • IRR 25%
    • Cash on Cash 19% 

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“When my husband and I were first stepping into investing, I’d sit in on the meetings with my notepad and then have to Google all of the terms and acronyms later.  I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.  We needed guidance.  Finding a partner to mentor, educate and lean on made our investing dream a reality.

— Amanda G.

real estate is your best opportunity

You want wealth-creating vehicles that afford you time freedom. There are several ways to invest your money and generate wealth, but Real Estate investing has benefits other investment projects can’t touch. It’s passive, profitable, and smart.

increased cash flow

Profit. Cash flow is essentially your profit. More cash flow equals more freedom. Real estate investing is one of the best ways investors can generate and increase cash flow which in turn, increases your time freedom.

Better Tax advantages

Real estate can produce substantial tax savings through deductions, depreciation, capital gains, incentive programs, and other unique advantages.

Continual Appreciation

There is natural appreciation which occurs the longer you own a home or property.  The property value increases over time and the rental rate follows the trend as well as your profit margins. There is also forced appreciation which is maximizing your equity growth through increasing a property’s value.  Simply put, you buy low, upgrade, and then rent at market rates.

building equity

If you borrow money to invest in a property, every payment gets you closer to paying down your principal payments.  You’re building equity while building your wealth.


In comparison to other investment options, real estate allows you to invest with leverage.  You can purchase a property with only part of your own money in the deal as opposed to stocks where you are required 100 percent of the investment upfront.  Leveraging money allows you to have more than one deal as all of your funds aren’t tied up into one place. 

Hedge Against Inflation

Inflation prevents your money from going as far as it would have as time goes on. With real estate investing, you have a hedge against inflation.  As inflation increases, so do home values and rental rates.

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As investors ourselves, we know what it’s like to step into real estate investing for the first time.  It feels like an uneducated risk you might not be willing to take when you’re unsure of all of the ins and outs.  That’s why we are committed not only to help you understand, but also to make you smart passive income.  Not only will we assist in your investment process and place tenants, but we will also manage your properties for you with the kind of care and attention you, your properties and your tenants deserve.  If this is the kind of partnership that sounds appealing, let’s get a call scheduled to talk about the opportunities!

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